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Windows PC Users To Now Get EA Access


2015 was a year when the XBOX users had witnessed several marketing tactics, the likes of which had not been witnessed before.

There have been several major updates that have come from the gaming consoles, and both the Sony made PlayStation 4, as well as the Microsoft made XBOX One have tried their best to lure gamers towards themselves.

The Console Wars are heating up like never before. Sony had used several such tactics in 2013, including the exclusivity games, where Microsoft was not allowed to advertise the upcoming game, Destiny in several markets.

In 2015 Microsoft struck back with the EA Access program, Tomb Raider’s latest game and various other XBOX exclusive items.

The EA Access program was a major win for Microsoft. The company had been coming out with several innovations in recent times, and according to them, one of the best ways to lure the users towards using their service was via the EA Access – which gave the users (at price of $4.99) access to several unique features from EA, one of the leading names in the world of gaming.

This includes discounts, many free games, and the opportunity to get some games before anyone else!

However, the XBOX exclusive EA Access service is now all set to come out and reach newer and bigger markets, as the program is now available for the users of Windows PC, according to latest news reports.

First spotted by some users of NeoGAF, the EA Access program is now out for the Windows PC users, by the name of Origin Access. An FAQ point on Origin Access states that it gives the users the access. to a “growing collection of great PC games”.

The Origin Access too, is priced in at the same rate as the EA Access for the XBOX users, that is at $4.99.

However, it is also visible in leaked posters that the service is coming to the UK users at 3.99 GBP.

Annual subscription plans are yet to be revealed by the company. As of this writing, we are not aware of any plans regarding the release of this service for the users of other platforms such as the PS4.

What are your views on the EA Access coming to the PC markets? Do you think it should release for the PS4 too?