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Wings Goes Down in Light of Recent Market Crash


These past couple of days have been rough on the crypto market. All top 100 cryptocurrencies are losing value and this is causing panic throughout the market. No one knows what’s the best choice here. To hold in hopes of a comeback or to sell before the market crashes even further. This is the sort of risks that cryptocurrency investors have to take.

Wings is Going Down

Wings is being traded 14.4% lower than the US dollar. This data was recorded during February 1st, and today Wings made a slight comeback being valued at -5.74%. The Wings token is priced at $0.725093 as of now and things are not looking well. In addition, the total market capitalization for Wings measures in a little bit over $65 million and the total traded volume of Wings at over $45 million.

The Entire Market is in the Red

While things are not looking well for Wings investors, the same can be said about the rest of the market. Let’s check out the prices of the most popular cryptocurrencies and see where the market stands.

  • Ripple XRP is down by 24.64% which puts it at $0.769054;
  • Bitcoin is down by 10.15% which puts it at $8,478.08;
  • Ethereum went down hard and lost 22.26% of its value, putting it at $876.77;
  • Stellar XLM lost 26.57% of its original value and is priced at $0.345504;
  • Litecoin is down by 18.27% which puts it at $122.27 per token.

As we all can clearly see, everyone is losing money and not just Wings asset holders. No one knows what’s causing the market to crash and the only thing we can do right now is to hope that some good news come out and that everything will go in the green zone once again.