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WWDC 2017 – iPad Pro 2017 and Siri Speaker


Developer conferences are always a time for exciting news and new releases on the part of our favorite tech companies. And now the time has come for Apple to roll out theirs, on the fifth of June at the Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC for short. If you’re an Apple fan or at least a tech news junkie, you most likely heard the rumors so far. Apple is expected to deliver many pieces of news if we were to take the rumors at eye value.

However, it’s best to always remember that rumors are just that: rumors. Thus, they should be always taken with a grain of salt. Still, some of them will turn out to be true this Monday at the WWDC. Here’s what you need to expect.

New 10.5-inch iPad

Many seem to believe that a new and exciting iPad is going to be revealed soon at the WWDC. In fact, many Apple fans are excited because they believe that that iPad will be the new addition to the Pro line, the iPad Pro 2. And the rumors do seem to indicate just that, seeing as it’s going to be a hefty device with a sleek design.

New Macs

Many also believe that Apple will hit the refresh button on their standard Mac design that they’ve stuck with for years now. While, until now, Apple designed Macs following that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto we all know from pop culture, evidence indicates that they’ve finally decided to give their flagship computers a much-needed makeover.

Siri Speaker

In our opinion, the standalone Siri speaker is the one rumored release that we think is most likely to actually happen at WWDC this Monday. For one, the Siri speaker is a completely different and novelty concept, so it would make sense for Apple to lead their keynote speech with it in order to impress their customers.