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Xbox Live Downtime Infuriates Rapper Snoop Dogg


Just because Snoop Dog is a celebrity, it does not mean that he does not game. The rapper is the owner of an Xbox device and is a hardcore gamer.

Celebrity users are the hardest for any brand to satisfy because they are the ones with the worst temper, invariably.

This was true in case of Snoop Dog, who was so frustrated with the Xbox Live outage, that he took to his Twitter page and left no stone unturned in making people feel his anger.

He was abusive towards Microsoft and Xbox insiders. However, the lion’s share of his wrath was directed towards the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

The video he posted on Twitter was of course, proof of how proficient he is in the use of the f word. Asides, this literary genius of verbal abuse threatened to switch over to PlayStation if Bill Gates did not ‘fix his s**t’.

He questioned ‘why it was so difficult to let a player play’ and also warned the Cupertino giant not to ‘give a reason to move over to PlayStation’.

Microsoft, your high profile gamer is angry. Very angry. You’d better not have a downtime again, especially not when Snoop is playing!!

Of course, it is normal for a service to face downtime and blaming the CEO is no good; he really does not have a hand in it! But for all we know, Snoop is a big shot and has his own temper, which he threw successfully on his Twitter page.

The struggle for users began today when Microsoft confirmed that there were some issues with the party chat and online gaming service of Xbox Live. It apologised to the users and thanked them for their continued patience.

The service remained down for at least four hours before limited access was restored for these core features.

Microsoft later confirmed that services were restored, but even after the announcement people kept struggling with the features and important services like In-game matchmaking, cloud storage, looking for friends, Game DVR, leader boards and high scores, avatar editing, or pictures, continued to be offline for the service.

As of now, the services are still iffy and you are lucky if you have got them running, as most do not and are pretty upset about it.

Sorry Snoop! I guess the abusing did not go a long way for you!