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Xbox One Connection Issue Doesn’t Allow Players to Connect to Battlefield 3


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Microsoft has done a great job designing Xbox One. This home console is regarded as being a high-end piece of hardware that offers immersive gaming experiences. Things get even better since the upcoming Xbox One X is going to raise the standard level even higher with its six teraflops of processing power and native 4K graphics.

Even though Xbox One is a high-end piece of hardware and Microsoft has one of the biggest developer teams in the world, people are still faced with different annoying issues every now and then. In fact, only a couple of days ago Microsoft’s Xbox One Forum was filled with complaints about connection issues.

Xbox One Connection Issues

This all started when a Xbox One forum member put up a post in which he complained that his Xbox One doesn’t show the status page for Battlefield 3. The forum member also said that he can’t connect to Battlefield 3 despite the fact that the servers are up and running.

Things got a little bit more serious when more forum members chimed in with their other issues. One of the most widespread issues is related to YouTube and other online accounts. For some unknown reason, Xbox One doesn’t recognize accounts anymore and it keeps on asking people to sign in over and over.

Microsoft Statement

Considering how these connection issues are already widespread, Microsoft is expected to release an official statement regarding this and to announce an OTA (over the air) update that’s going to fix them. Sadly, Microsoft is not saying anything and we’re still left until waiting until Microsoft decides to acknowledge these problems. Let’s hope that they do not spread any further and other games start malfunctioning just like Battlefield 3 is doing right now.