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Xbox One Controllers Can Be Customized Your Way


Just before the close of 2015 the Xbox One gave itself a little re revamp.

It came up with its new interface specially for the Xbox One. This was called the New Xbox One Experience.

The features that this OS brought was more than what people had expected including the ability to customize your own controller.

This is very good news for the people who are using Xbox.

It means that even if they do not buy a flashy, expensive controller like the Xbox One Elite controller he can still customize his control device no matter how ordinary it is.

The Elite controller is a device that costs almost an hundred and fifty US Dollars.

This is an added expense and not all will prefer incurring it. But with the new interface all your preferred settings can be mapped to the most basic of controllers without any extra cost.

Of course, anyone using the Elite controller would have better customization levels but even this arrangement with other controllers will come into handy if you are playing games that requires a lot of concentration like Gears Of War, Halo, Tom Clancy or Lara Croft Titles.

To be able to customize your own controller you will need to access settings then go to Kinect & Devices.

After this go to Device & Accessories.

You can also chose to go to Settings, Ease of access and move to Button mapping.

The third option is to download the Xbox accessories app and access it directly from Xbox One.

This will also let you assign different functions to different buttons as per you choice.

There is of course one major drawback of using an ordinary controller.

With an ordinary controller you can just swap button pairs in course of re mapping them.

However in an Elite controller you can map any function to any button.

In fact the same function can be mapped to multiple buttons also which is an added advantage for playing games with a lot concentration.

Moreover in an ordinary controller you can only store one mapping configuration at a time.

On the contrary the Xbox Elite controller more than 256 configurations can be store according to the game you play.

The biggest advantage is that even if you remove the controller from your console and fix it to another Xbox One your Elite controller will still remember how to switch between those 256 configurations because they have been stored on the controller and not your console.