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Xbox One Owners Disappointments


If you’re an Xbox One owner than you probably know that the console has many qualities and specs that set it apart from other game consoles like the PS4. Some of those great and very useful features that it offers are the backwards compatibility along with the cross platform play and, more recently, the slimmer version of the Xbox One also offers 4k video support.

However, here are some of the downsides that some gamers have noticed about the device that could maybe get fixed if people talk about them enough.

To begin with, there’s the game delays. Nothing is more annoying than this ever-present glitch that can be found in almost all devices, of course. But gamers have higher expectations from the Xbox One console, especially since they have to wait for a long time for games.

Then, there is Kinect, that many gamers found to be superfluous in a console. Not only that it wasn’t necessary, but it also spiced up the Xbox 360 price by $100 which really disappointed a lot of players. However, all is well now, and the Microsoft consoles are no longer sold with Kinect.

Lastly, there are the games: ReCore and Ryse: Son of Rome. Both are exclusive to Xbox One and both were believed to be game changers. Instead, the former ended up being a poorly designed game about a woman and her robot pet that had to find a new place for humanity and that made no sense on occasion. The Ryse: Son of Rome game turned out to be a very violent yet dull game that ends in only 6 hours of gameplay. Given that the game is set in historic times, the duration is hardly appropriate.

But there is still time to fix all of these let-downs and inconveniences if people talk about them.


  1. Lots of very good points made here…the fact that they made such a big deal of the dog in COD kind of says it all doesn’t it?! Although I’d take issue with the statement, “Game companies no longer care about you” – with PS4, Sony seem to be developing a machine that is first and foremost a gaming console, so I think when I finally come to upgrading from my 360, that’s what I’ll be buying

  2. I personally can’t stand MS’s approach on xbox live, i really have no desire to watch live tv, minus sports events, and may no longer even have a cable box this fall. So i guess the main feature they were selling is meh.. Sony’s psn plus has 4-5 games per month, and i feel like they actually care about the consumer and the little guy

  3. I’ve had Playstation plus since last July and I can safely say that I get on average 2 AAA high ranked games for free each month plus loads of smaller games and 20-80% discounts. I love it! I own so many games now that I never would have purchased but ended up loving them. Like Zombie Tycoon 2, just a $10 game but I got it for free and it’s so fun. Critter Crunch I got for $1.40 (80% discount) and it’s my families favorite game right now. I also got to sell my copies of Bioshock 2, Just Cause 2, Boarderlands, Darksiders, Dark Souls, Rachet & Clank, Little Big planet 2, Infamous 2 and a lot more because I got those for free after I already owned them on physical disk.

    Xbox live gives no free games.

    Xbox has no free exclusive content like PS gamers get in all the best AAA multi plat games which looks like it’s going to continue that way seeing as how Watchdogs and Destiny have been confirmed to give PS4 free exclusive content and how COD Ghosts has confirmed only timed exclusive pay to play DLC on Xbox One.

    I really hate xbox. I would never consider owning one purely on the fact that it’s the only gaming and streaming platform pay to play or pay for right to pay for streaming sub. Add that to the past scams and I can’t stand the company. Xbox is only good to keep Playstation on it’s toes in a competitive sense.

  4. Is a great disappointment a xbox one?

    It all depends if your a core gamer who wants the best console available then itll be a disappointment or if you dont mind a lot of xboxs faults and history then it wont be a disappointment

  5. wouldn’t the “best” console available be dependent on your personal preferences… like say for example bob, a core gamer, absolutely adores mario and pikmin but despises KZ, Knack and Resogun… to him the best console is the Wii U and PS4 would be the worst….

  6. I 100% agree with you. wouldn’t it be up to the users to decide if its a disappointment. I love my XB1, could there be improvements absolutely, but I use it everyday and thoroughly enjoy it. Microsoft is doing more than ever from a games standpoint, the launch and 2014 lineup is amazing. The only disappointment is this site with all the propaganda. Lastly In all seriousness, the person that wrote seems like a ps4 fan. Could we call the ps4 a great disappoint because of the the lack of AAA titles at launch or having less AAA titles than Xb1 in 2014. This was not a dig at ps4, as it is a very good and powerful console, I’m just using the authors logic.

  7. With the best exclusive line-up at launch and in 2014, it’s everything but a disappointment.

    Unless they were expecting something very unusual out of Xbox One, and with all the bad press I doubt they were. Looks to me like this article is just an attempt to create more of that bad press.

  8. Nobody cares about Bob and what he thinks, success of a product is related to the opinion of the masses and if the product is not selling good or more people have negative opinion about it then it will be considered a disappointment.
    Like the President is who gets the more votes even though loser gets some votes too

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