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Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app New Features Released


Windows 10 OS has been a raging success for Microsoft in the last year. The success came to the rescue for the Redmond based company when it was looking at hard times in the hardware business.

Microsoft is doing its best to keep Windows 10 OS up to date with regular updates. But that’s not all, the company is upgrading its famous gaming device in order for Xbox to become more fast and more social than ever before!

Following are some of the brand new features for Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app:

  • Improvements to suggested friends: Are you looking for the people you might know on Xbox? Or are you looking for some top content creators to follow on Xbox? Check in the Community section, you will find the area of new Friends Suggestions and Guide contains the Friend list on Xbox One preview. The Friends Suggestions will include information of other users such as, their real name if they have shared it, gamertag, Xbox Avatar image or the gamer pic, and also the reason why you were suggested the user to make friends. You can choose to make your friends list bigger by this, you just need to click on the suggestion in order to view the full profile of the user.
  • Compact mode for Xbox App:with the help of this latest update to the Xbox Beta app, the company has moved some more functions in the compact mode which will certainly help you to move quickly from your party, your friends’ view, the activity alerts and your messages. With just a click you can now know what your friends are up to, while you are multi tasking on your PC!
  • Avatar store: Experience the latest updated Avatar store with brand new items featuring. You can access the Avatar store on console by going in the Xbox Avatars app and for accessing the store on Windows 10 PS and phones, just go through the Xbox Avatars app. After accessing the Avatar store you can get access to the whole wardrobe and browse through all the new as well as the old but gold items, which also include the free items. You have now the ability to preview the items on your Avatar first in real time before you buy it while you pursue the catalogs.

What are your thoughts on the latest upgrades for Xbox devices? Comment below and let us know.

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