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Xbox One Preview and Xbox Beta App to Get New Updates


In the past year, Microsoft had a big success in the form of Windows 10. In order to maintain the OS, the Redmond based company has been giving out regular updates to the Operating System in order to keep it up to date.

Talking about updates, Microsoft is looking to release new update to Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app.

Following are some of the upcoming updates that will make gaming better on any platform for Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app:

  • Avatar Store: Fresh and updated ‘Avatar Store’ will allow you to equip your avatar with the newly available items. On PC’s and phones running on Windows 10, you can access the store through the Xbox Avatars app and on the console, the store is build right inside the Xbox Avatars app. After accessing the store, you can go through all the new and old but good catalog of items including the free ones and enjoy trying on the items on your Avatar real time before you buy anything.
  • Xbox News: The source for all the latest and important information about things like, new hardware, tournaments like the Halo World Championship, breaking entertainment content, console updates, game releases, and much more is the Xbox News. In order to stay up to date for the users, Microsoft this month for both Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app consumers will be able to see posts of Xbox News in their activity feed, this way the audiences will remaing updated on all things Xbox.
  • Improvements to trending:Across Xbox Beta app and Xbox One Preview experiences this month for Windows 10 PCs and phones and console, the audiences will notice a new access point for Trending items in the left menu area of the Xbox app and to the right of the Community tab on your console. This will get you to a dedicated Trending landing page which has the most popular topics across Xbox Live brought at the top following by an inspirational assortment of top achievements, screenshots, videos, and much more that users across the community have unlocked or created. Think about making friendsor follow the publishers of the content that you like in there.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new updates for both Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app, so comment below and let us know.