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Xbox Series X Gamers No Longer Allowed to Post Any Footage or Screenshots on Twitter


It may have come to your attention that you are no longer able to post screenshots and videos taken with your Xbox Series X|S, or Xbox One on Twitter.

Shortly after Microsoft declared it would not pay for Twitter’s API, the capability was removed.

That being said, it turns out that there’s a good reason for this.

After a Twitter user noticed the problem, the Xbox Twitter account promptly responded, announcing on the platform that “We’ve had to disable the ability to share any game uploads on Twitter directly from the console and the Game Bar on Windows. You can still share all your favorite moments on Twitter via the Xbox app for the Android and iOS.”

Elon Musk did not take kindly to Microsoft’s announcement that it wouldn’t be paying for Twitter’s API, which appears to have prompted this change.

The application programming interface for Twitter enables the connection and communication of two or more technologies or software programs.

“Starting with April 25, Twitter will no longer be supported by Smart Campaigns with Multi-platform,” reads a statement shared on Microsft’s official website.

Musk threatened to sue in response to the news that Microsoft was ending its support of Twitter.

“They conducted illegal training using Twitter. Legal action time,” the multi-billionaire tweeted.

Every month, accessing Twitter’s API as well as 50 million tweets costs no less than $42,000.

For 100 million tweets, the cost rose to $125K, and for 200 million tweets, which is the highest plan, it rose to $210K.

Just like with legacy verified checkmarks, Twitter’s API used to be completely free, however.

Musk, however, has sought out every opportunity to monetize his newly bought platform since taking control and has started charging for features that were not behind a paywall before he took over.

For the time being, you can still upload screenshots and videos to Twitter using the Xbox app on Android and iOS devices if you want to share a cool moment you had while playing the best Xbox Series X games.

It’s still unclear if Sony will adopt a similar strategy since the PS5 also allows you to post gameplay videos and screenshots to Twitter.