Home Apps Xender 4.0.615 Update for Android – Enjoy the App Without Any Ads!

Xender 4.0.615 Update for Android – Enjoy the App Without Any Ads!


Xender is known as the “go to“ app when it comes to transferring files. Xender is packed with a plethora of features and all of them are focused towards helping people share files between each other. Although, the best thing about Xender is the fact that this app is constantly evolving and getting better with each new update. Talking about new updates, Xender fans should be happy to know that a brand-new one is ready for download.

Xender 4.0.615 Update for Android

The new update is available only for Android smartphone owners and it introduces some major changes! The reason why this update is exclusive to Android users is because it comes in the form of APK which stands for Android Package Kit. Nonetheless, let’s see what the new update contains.

Removed Ads

Xender is free to use and it’s been downloaded for more than one million times only on Google Play Store. In order for the app to free to use, the developers needed to find a way of generating revenue.

Here is where ads come in. Xender’s UI features some ads, but they are not intrusive. However, it looks like the developers are determined to give users a premium experience and decided to remove all ads!

Changing the Language

Another cool thing that is being introduced alongside the new 4.0.615 APK update is the ability to change the app’s language directly through the app. This is a nice feature and we can be sure that it will prove to be quite useful.

Removed Phone Replicate

Unfortunately, the new update does come with a couple of bad news. The highly popular phone replicate feature is being removed. We don’t know why the developers are doing that, but the feature is no longer available for Xender users who download the latest update.