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Xender Makes Sharing Files an Enjoyable Experience


There are many Android apps which can be considered as “must-have” on every smartphone but none of them compare with benefits that Xender brings. This app does one thing and one thing only, but it’s the best at it. Xender allows people to share files between each other at incredible fast speeds and without any restrictions.

Supported Files

Xender prides itself in its ability to share all type of files and it supports every format from classic Word documents to pictures and GIFs. People who use Xender will never have to deal with any issues related to the format of the file they are trying to share with other Xender users.

Simple to Use

This app is really simple to use because it doesn’t require a USB cable, Bluetooth connection or even a direct Wi-Fi network. The only thing that Xender users need to do is to install the app on their smartphones and simply share whatever they want.

Things get even better because Xender is equipped with a cool and simplistic UI (user interface). The UI features a sleek looking layout, but the best thing about it is the fact that the only thing Xender users are required to do before sharing a file is to simply tap on a button.

Multiple Operating System Support

While Xender is mainly known for being an Android app, Xender is also compatible with Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows. Xender is a multi-platform app and it doesn’t impose any operating system restrictions on its users. Therefore, iPhones owners will finally be able to share cool videos with their friends that use Android smartphones or even with PC users.

The last thing we need to mention about Xender is that its entirely free to download. Anyone can get the app right now and its available in all official stores such as the Google Play Store.