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Xender Offers Fastest File Sharing Speeds and Multiple OS Support


Everyone loves to share funny videos, pictures and GIFs with their friends. Content sharing is usually done through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. However, these platforms don’t do the trick when people want to share bigger and more important files. Luckily, this is where Xender comes in.

Xender – File Transfer & Share

As an overview, Xender is a file-sharing app that’s been designed to perform at superfast speeds and to give users unlimited sharing power. The best thing about Xender is that it doesn’t limit or restrict users in any way.

The file sharing app supports all sorts of devices and to make thing even better, Xender supports multiple operating systems.

Multiple Operating System Support

Xender can be installed on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Tizen and Android. The reason why this matters and why it puts Xender in a special category is because it gives users the ability to share files with anyone they want.

Traditionally, Apple and Google’s operating systems are not allowed to share files between each other. Therefore, this makes it hard for people who own iOS and Android powered devices to share important files such as spreadsheets, PPT presentations or Word documents.

On the bright side of things, Xender’s wide range of operating support removes those restrictions. With that being said, Xender is a great app for people who love sharing files with anyone, and not just with the ones who own smartphones which are similar to theirs.

Sharing Speed

Since Xender revolves around sharing files, the developers who created it made sure to boost its file sharing speeds. If we take Bluetooth as a comparison marker, Xender is the fastest file sharing app available right now because it offers 200 times the peak Bluetooth transfer speed.