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Xender – Secret Trick to See Other People’s Files


Xender is a great app that’s available to both Android and iOS users. In fact, this app is so powerful that it will completely change how people share files with their friends by giving them a plethora of features such as group file sharing, Wi-Fi file transfer master and many more.

Xender Hidden Feature

While Xender’s highlight features are focused on improving the speed at which users share files, the app also comes with some hidden features that most people don’t know about. One of those features gives Xender users the ability to take a peek in their friend’s smartphone and see what type of files they have.

How to Use Xender to Get People’s Files

Once two Xender users pair up their smartphones, the one who initiated the pairing will be able to check everything that the other person has on their smartphone starting with pictures and ending with videos and documents. To make things even more interesting, Xender users can get those files by clicking on the “GET” button that is highlighted in green next to the desired file.

Asking For Permission

While this hidden feature might seem a bit intrusive, Xender made sure that it doesn’t ruin any friendships by automatically asking for permission every time someone wants to download something that wasn’t shared initially. Therefore, Xender users who try to download a file that their friend has will automatically prompt a permission request after hitting the “GET” button.

200 Times Faster Than Bluetooth

On another note, one of Xender’s biggest strength is the speed at which it shares files. While most people are not even bothering to download a file-sharing app because they have Bluetooth, Xender hopes to change people’s minds by sharing files at 200 times the speed that Bluetooth has to offer.