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Xender: Share All Types of Files 200 Times Faster Than Usual


Smartphones are amazing pieces of technology that we use on a daily basis. Most people choose to use them for entertainment purposes such as watching funny videos or scrolling through social media newsfeed, but there are some people that actually need them for work purposes.

There are many work environments where having a smartphone proves to be quite useful, especially for jobs where you might need to share files such as important spreadsheets or documents.


Talking about sharing important files, we need to mention Xender. Smartphones are able to share files on their own through Bluetooth or NFC, but Xender takes things to a whole other level. Xender is a third party app that helps people share files without any limitations at super fast speeds.

It’s Fast!

Right from the start, we need to mention that the most important feature that Xender has to offer is that its super fast. We’ve previously mentioned how smartphones can share files through Bluetooth, but that’s just too slow. The reason we are saying that is because Xender shares files at speeds that reach up to 20 M/s which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth!

No Restrictions

Leaving the speed aside, the second most important feature that Xender offers is the ability to share all types of files without any restrictions. Android and iOS powered smartphones are not allowed to share files between each other and luckily, this is not going to be a problem for Xender users.

Xender strips away the operating system limitations that Google and Apple put in place so that everyone can share all types of files with whomever they want. Not only that, but Xender supports virtually all file formats starting from basic JPEG photos up to full-on already installed apps.