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Xiaomi 4K Android TV available to buy at discount


The Mi Box from Xiaomi was launched recently and it is now available in the US for only $69. The device was initially unveiled in May, at the Google I/O event which was held in San Francisco, California.

The Mi Box comes with 4k content support at 60 FPS which is the latest type of resolution available. It can also support Dolby Digital Plus audio along with HDR content. But this is not all. The device was designed in partnership with Google and it will support Google Cast and Google voice search along with Android based apps for Showtime, Netflix, HBO and Sling TV.

In terms of specs, the Xiaomi Mi Box sports 2 GB of RAM and little native storage space for its category, about 8 GB. But that storage space can be expanded through an USB port. It also features a quad-core ARM processor and Mali 450 GPU.

What makes this device a pretty good deal is the fact that it also comes with tempting offers from its partners. For example, potential buyers should know that upon purchasing this TV box, they will get $50 in Sling TV credits, $5 of Vudu credit and a three month Pandora trial.

While Xiaomi is known primarily as a smartphone manufacturer on the Asian market, it’s not yet making any attempts to get those devices to the US audience. Instead it’s focusing on promoting other products like this new TV Box that may pave the way, in the future, to sell premium smartphones as well.

Apart from the Mi Box, there are other similar products such as those made by Roku ($29), Fire TV from Amazon and Apple TV which, unfortunately, doesn’t come with 4k support.

Those who are interested in the device can get it from the Mi.com site in the US or they can simply go to any Walmart store.


  1. No Android TV that I’ve seen will natively support amazon prime video because amazon is hostile toward any non fire devices. I own a Nexus Player and Shield TV Pro neither of which supports Amazon’s video service.

  2. Amazon has an Android TV version of their app but in the US only provides it for Sony Bravia TVs running Android TV. However, the most recent version of that app can be installed on certain other Android TV devices (by sideloading it), including the Nvidia Shield TV, and it works fine.

  3. Reason why I will only buy Amazon boxes/sticks at this point in time. No Amazon, no dice.

  4. There is more to this pissing contest between Google and Amazon. Google was not happy with Amazon when they developed Fire OS (forked version of Android) to feature their services. In turn Google withheld its services on Fire TV devices (No Google Play xx, You Tube etc.) In hindsight it appears Google made a mistake, as the lack of a native Amazon instant video is common complaint….but Fire TV users aren’t really complaining about the lack of native Google apps. Just my $.02.

    And for the record I have the Nvidia Shield and Fire TV. Fire TV for PS Vue and Amazon Instant Video, Nvidia Shield for Vudu, Kodi, games and just about everything else.

  5. No Amazon just kept with its own android fork fire is when they made fire tv. Google didn’t withhold any services, Amazon made that decision to push their own app store and services. And then blocked apple tv, Chromecast and Nexus player from their site. And then blocked android tv from runnging Amazon’s video appm

  6. google wasn’t trying to have a pissing contest with amazon. to get their google apps on android, the manufacturer need to pass Google’s cts certification. Amazon’s forked OS doesn’t pass the certification, so it can’t include Google’s services. It is something Google applied to everyone that wants to ship Android with their services out of the box, not just amazon alone.

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