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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Comes with 5500mAh Battery and Android 8.1 Oreo


Details about the new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 smartphone produced by Chinese mobile producers have been kept a secret because the device is said to come with dazzling features for most technology fans. Although the mistery hasn’t been revealed yet not even for older versions of the same smartphone, some information has leaked online, so now future users know that the latest generation item form Xiaomi will have modern features like iris scanning properties, wireless charging and many more.

What are the main specifications of Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Experienced developers say that the new smartphone has been designed based on the pattern files provided by Huawei, so its’ characteristics will be similar to those from the mentioned producer. Let’s see some of the most important aspects that might interest future users:

  • Experts think that the battery capacity for Mi Mx 3 will be of 5500mAh, which means more power than for the Mi Max 2
  • Display is most likely to have 18:9 aspect ratio
  • Qi wireless charging capacity is one of the innovative features in Xiaomi smartphones, because Mi Max 3 is the first device from the company with this characteristic
  • Mi Max 3 is said to come with a rear camera made with Sony image sensor or Samsung dual setup. If things are not clear yet in this area, developers know that the selfie camera will borrow Samsung sensors. To that end, another interesting feature appears: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 smartphone could have an Omnivision 2281 iris scanner.
  • One last mention should be that fact that the new smartphone will be run by the latest Android system, Oreo 8.1. In addition to what has been mentioned, developers are sure that Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will include dual SIM slot and SD card support, LED light notifications, dual speakers and more.

If you want to see and try the new device for yourself, you will have to wait for this year’s June, because that is the month when the smartphone is expected to be launched.