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Xiaomi Mi5 To Be Released In February, 2015 – Will Feature Very Powerful SoC


China’s biggest smartphone brand Xiaomi, was able to make waves in 2013 with its phone Mi3. It is all set to recreate the magic once again this year.

The Mi range is not the only one that the manufacturer has produced; the company has also been able to gather exceptional sales figures even with the other devices like the RedMi and the RedMi Note devices.

One look at the Xiaomi devices and you will know you’ve found what you wanted.

The screen is absolutely wonderful and the colors, resolution, everything is perfect.

It will be able to provide high quality output at the most reasonable rates.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the demand for these devices have not seen a sharp decline.

Of late, the device that we are expecting to view is the Xiaomi Mi5. This phone had been in the talks for quite some time now.

There was no news of when it will be available to public until today, when it has finally been announced that this device will be able to see the light of the day in the month of February this year.

This news was first broken by Xiaomi’s co-founder and Senior VP Liwan Jiang. His post was made on the Chinese website Weibo.

The website is quite famous in China and previously has been involved in making leaks of devices from around the world.

If something is posted on Weibo then users generally brand it as authentic, so whatever has been posted on Weibo can be considered right.

According to the post of Liwan Jiang, the Mi 5 will be equipped with a very powerful chip, that is the Snapdragon 820, that is Qualcomm’s most powerful chip available till date.

But the addition of the Snapdragon 820, the company has also made arrangements to make the product go into mass production already, so apt testing can be done and the product can be rolled out on time.

Other important features that are being guessed are a 5.2 inch screen with QHD resolution, Android Marshmallow, 3 to 4 GB RAM depending on the internal memory model.

The month of February will mark the month when the Chinese Spring Festival will be held. After this festival, there will be releases on the device.