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Yahoo Gives its Homepage and Mobile App of Fresh Makeover in the US


With the rise of Microsoft and Google Yahoo seems to have lost popularity. Its days in the early years of the millennium were glorious; people seemed perpetually logged in to its services particularly Yahoo messenger.

It provided a unique way to chat with one’s contact without visiting a public chat room. It was also the favorite destination for most of the adventures youngsters who braved the internet to search for unknown friends in public chat rooms.

It’s mail services were also of a good type. Even before g mail became popular yahoo mail was one of the forces to be reckoned with.

However Yahoo is now but an underdog; Google another services have overshadowed it. It has still stuck on and is now slowly climbing its way back to the top.

Although this is a long journey the once important brand is taking baby steps towards it and does not seem to be deterred easily.

Recently, in the US Yahoo has come up with a fresh look to its mobile app and its homepage.

More news, better content and interesting video feeds are being shared on the homepage that users will be able to view according to their preference in category, be it sports, entertainment, top stories or gossip.

In the words of Simon Khalaf who is currently the senior vice president of mobile and emerging products at Yahoo, this new look will be aimed towards making creation of conversations easier with a community.

It would also be simpler to find content and also keep abreast with all the latest news around the world. In order to make these improvements Yahoo has taken reference from the latest trends that are popular around the world and has delivered accordingly.

The application of Yahoo in the Google playstore has also been updated. With the new updates the app has become more responsive, loads faster and reportedly consumes slightly less data than before.

The update has also made it easier to browse through more content is lesser time. Instead of each news article having to open up in a new browser the app now makes it possible for you to read all the content within the same app.

With all these changes, Khalaf along with the rest of the Yahoo team is highly interested in seeing this as an opportunity to retain users and attract more advertisers than before.