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Yahoo Mail Integrates Gmail – Use Everything For Free With a Single App


Finally, Yahoo has decided to implement Yahoo Mail application on mobiles. Knowing that if it is not compatible with other e-mail services will be completely ignored, Yahoo has decided to accept the application fields of mail, Outlook, Hotmail and AOL. Now their great rival, Gmail, will be part of this list.

The battle between Yahoo and Gmail is famous. Although they were among the first developers to launch a free e-mail system in 1997, Yahoo has been gradually overtaken by the competition: Outlook for business and Gmail for private emails.

Google’s success was due to implementation of exceptional famous search engine in the mail system, but at the same time because it provides a message storage of 1GB (huge at the time) compared with that of Yahoo 100MB for free accounts. Yahoo eventually increased the storage space to 1GB, but was too late.

Finally Google expansion is on absolutely all domains, Gmail accounts remained until today essential when creating an account for all Android applications.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct3kX4F8zTo]

Although Yahoo does serious steps to sell the main features in the online environment, the American company has recently launched an application that supports most popular email services, including Gmail. With this application you will see not only the last 200 messages, but also your entire Gmail archive, complete with attachments.

Yahoo Mail will provide unified access to all your email accounts using an intuitive interface and the access method of the application will be made using a unique code called Yahoo Account Key. Those interested can already download the application from iOS and Android online stores.