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Yahoo Mail Update – Newest Available Features


It seems that Yahoo’s strategy to promote the application of mobile email is not very different from the other competitors. Basically, Yahoo! Mail is an almost universal messaging manager and now supports multiple e-mail services. The most interesting aspect is that not only the application receives access to those capabilities, but also the web browser version.

You can now use Yahoo! Mail to check email boxes from services such as Gmail, AOL and Outlook. Those who use multiple services simultaneously probably will love to use a single application for all, but there are already plenty of alternatives with similar features or even more attractive features. The advantage is that Yahoo! Mail is a free service, no hidden features behind subscriptions. Moreover, new security method, Key Account, can provide better protection of email boxes and access is based only on authentication using the mobile application without a conventional password.

However, there is little chance of Gmail users to drop the standard Android application solution for Yahoo!. At the same time, most users prefer the Gmail web interface to that on Yahoo!, which in recent years has been changed several times, but not necessarily for the better. The company launched a new video clip demonstrating the new capabilities of services Yahoo! Mail, hoping to attract more customers.