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Yahoo Messenger Is Not Dead – New Update Comes With Best Features and Improvements


If someone says they never used Yahoo Messenger chances are they are very young, but now there is a chance to experience it again.

For a period it died. Yahoo Messenger has not benefited from updates and its service and support levels decreased significantly across all platforms. Even iOS version had been removed from the Apple App Store. However, many have wondered what happened to an application that 8 or 10 years ago was indispensable. At that time, there was a tiny chance to use MSN Messenger, because most were Yahoo Messenger fans.

Just a few days after I saw several rumors about the sale of the online giant Yahoo, or its breakdown and sale of less profitable components, the same company has decided to make public a radically reinvented version of Yahoo Messenger. If we consider this iteration as the first version, the effort deserves all the credit. Basically, the new program is aligned to all the standards required by the industry and, obviously, Yahoo drew inspiration from many parts to bring on the market a finished product.

In principle, the new application focuses on group conversations, but that does not mean for a moment that you can not continue to have a dialogue with your aunt in Italy alone. From the start, you have access to the ability to delete a sent message, regardless of content, and it will disappear instantly on all devices which have previously received it, regardless of platform. A bit strange but interesting at the same time is that you can Like messages. The same program lets you send animated GIFs, and sending digital photos is surprisingly fast, regardless of their size. To “serve during the coming years “, the new Yahoo Messenger is anchored into Flickr, Tumblr and Xobni some of the other standalone services from Yahoo.

About groups, everything you can do in a conversation between two people, you can do in a group. An intelligent contact management system examines the relationship between persons and virtually recommends that you add someone to a conversation. Each member of the dialog can add or remove participants. The new Yahoo Messenger works from the start on your smartphone or web application Mail.