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Yahoo Relaunches Yahoo Messenger With a New Interface


For years Yahoo Messenger is no longer the preferred instant messaging platform, but that does not mean we have forgotten about once the popular Yahoo Messenger. Well, it seems that those from Yahoo did not forget about it either. The company launched a new modern version of the messaging platform.

Displaying a new vibrant interface, rebuilt from scratch, the new Yahoo Messenger takes the best from platforms like Flickr, Tumblr and Xobni, promising users a richer experience, brought to the competition. The new Yahoo Messenger Includes share, like and unsend for messages sent and improved support for sending pictures and GIF animations.

Yahoo Messenger application is available for Android and iOS and the messaging service can be accessed via web browser using Yahoo Mail Desktop interface.

Borrowing from Flickr’s features, the new application now allows Yahoo Messenger to send whole photos albums, easy viewing even in the conversation thread of the discussion partner.

Unsend function allows withdrawal of any message, image or animated GIF accidentally sent, it immediately disappears from the conversation window of those we are talking with. On the other hand, if the received message or picture is good, we can like it.

Leaving emoticons on the side, the new version of Yahoo Messenger replaces them with animated GIFs, that users can select from an easy to browse list assisted with the search function.

The contact list has been enriched with Smart Contacts. Inspired by Xobni service, Yahoo Messenger takes account for many aspects of your relationship with individuals, providing automatic grouping of contacts.

Especially for smartphone users who do not have permanent connection to the Internet, Yahoo Messenger can keep on wait messages or pictures sent by sending them automatically once the internet connection is restored.

The new Yahoo Messenger mobile app is available to download for free in Google Play and iTunes stores.


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