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YouCam Perfect Selfie App – Take Perfect Selfies Like Professionals


For people who love selfies, a camera with a great front camera is a mandate.

I am personally not a very big selfie fan but I recently happened to purchase a Moto X Play, and with the 5MP camera in front, I was tempted to try out some nice selfies myself.

However, somewhere something seemed to be missing – I could not get the same kind of finish I was expecting.

The photos were just bright, crisp, sharp and of great quality but I was looking for more.

It was when I expressed this to one of my friends who happens to be an ardent Motorola fan, that I learnt that a camera app should do wonders and recommended me YouCam Perfect App.

YouCam Perfect is available on the Google Play Store. It is free to download and the app is a bit on the heavier side so you might want to go easy on the phone data and use Wi-Fi.

What I really liked when the app installed itself on the phone was the interface.

The App is all black with only traces of fuchsia, making the look very synchronous with my black Moto X Play.

I liked it instantly because of the huge number of features it came with.

When I took a selfie, the app first gave me the option to add the filter.

Filters, I should say. Lots and lots of them. So many that I cannot even give you a proper count.

However, these filters are classified broadly into categories like Portrait, scenery and Food, which you are to use of course, as per the pictures you click.

I chose the portrait mode because it was my face I was clicking.

Next, the app asked me to do the basic editing. Smoothening, blurring, are just a couple of the huge range of features that come with the app.

The application also has the option of beautifying  faces. You can add blush, add eye liner, reduce under eye circles and make your skin flawless.

Asides, you can download a full cosmetic kit to make your face pretty.

Furthermore, existing pictures can be edited, by adding frames, texts, shapes and all sorts of effects.

So at the end of my editing, I came up with a perfect selfie which got saved to a folder the app created in my gallery.

Oh, and before I forget, you can use the app for perfect rear camera pics as well!