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YouTube Annotations Are Annoying – Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Them


YouTube is the largest video streaming website in the world today.

Starting from videos that deals with music and movies, the website has come to a level where today anyone can find a channel on the website pertaining to his taste, including cooking shows, DIY craft channels, fashion and make up channels, documentary channels and even channels that deal with toy unboxing and product review.

In short, if you do not have a television but have a internet enabled device that can stream videos, you can never get bored or miss your television again.

However, when you are busy watching that viral video that perhaps shows the live footage of an accident or a supernatural activity, there might be some annotations describing what is going on.

Certain video makers have made the annotations rather annoying and put it exactly at the center of the screen or exactly on the point of focus of the video.

It is unclear as to why they really do it, but such display behavior is exuded mostly by those videos that have some external links to promote, especially of that can help them earn revenue. The practice is terrible and takes the beauty of every video away.

Fortunately, these aspects are controllable. For any user who really wants to disable annotations, YouTube has provided some controls on the right hand bottom corner of the video frame. There is a gear icon there, which will open a menu for you.

Over here you can choose whether you want to turn annotations on or off.

Also, you will be able to turn on the subtitles for videos on or off here. the menu also lets you pick the quality you want the videos to play in, so if you are on a weaker network you can pick the lowest quality for the fastest buffer and the highest quality could be used only when you are on the stronger networks as these videos take time to buffer.

So every time now you get to a video where these ugly annotations block the view, begging you very annoyingly to ‘visit a site’, ‘click here’ or ‘subscribe’, you can simply go to the menu and disable the annotations manually and they would not bother you throughout the video play.

However, if you have a buck to spare and do not have the patience to wait for every single video to play, you can easily sign up for YouTube Red, a service that will charge you $10 a month and will let you watch videos without annoying ads.