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YouTube Go 1.01.62 APK Now Available for All


Do you love watching YouTube videos on your smartphone, but hate using up all your mobile data? Well, then we have the perfect app for you. The app we are talking about is called YouTube Go and it’s been designed for people who enjoy entertaining themselves through YouTube videos, but don’t have access to a strong Wi-Fi network at all times.

Downloading YouTube Videos

The most annoying thing about watching YouTube videos is the fact that people are not allowed to download them. Well, this isn’t an issue any more since YouTube Go is able to download videos directly to smartphones and microSD cards.

This is an amazing feature which makes it possible for people to watch videos while traveling without having to worry about buffering them first.

Controlling Used Data

As previously mentioned, no one likes using all their mobile data on streaming online videos and the developers behind YouTube Go know that too well.

Therefore, YouTube Go gives users the ability to download only the videos they want to and to even preview them before in order to see if they are worth downloading or not. In addition, users will be able to choose how many MBs they want to use on videos.

Sharing Content

People who choose to install YouTube Go on their smartphones will be able to share any video they download. This feature is amazing for people who love sharing funny clips with friends and family members. Although, the best thing about sharing previously downloaded content is that it doesn’t consume any mobile data.

Safe App

There are tens of apps that give users the ability to download YouTube videos, but none of them are as safe as YouTube Go. All the previously mentioned apps are available only in form of APK because they go against YouTube’s Terms of Service, but this is not the case for YouTube Go since it’s developed by one of Google’s subsidiaries.