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YouTube Music App – Why Paying For A Premium Version Is Important


For all smartphone users, music is one of the main reasons why you want to have a device that can connect to the internet and get what you like.

But to get you organized, you need a proper music app that will be able to stream the right kind of music from the internet. One such app is YouTube music.

YouTube music app is really worth having. It comes for free, but it would be a really great option for you to upgrade it to the premium version, most popularly known as YouTube Red.

YouTube Red can not only organize your online music and suggest you changes according to tastes, but it can also help you interchange your regular choice for something different as per your mood.

All this can be availed for $10 a month and for iOS users, for $13.

It is important that you pay while using this application. The main reason why this is important is that for users who love music, waiting is not really an option.

Without having the YouTube Red premium app, you would need to wait for ads to play before you get the application working perfectly.

Moreover there are certain functions and settings that will work only if you have upgraded yourself to the RED version of the app.

Otherwise, these functions stay deactivated. You will nevertheless get to experience these features for free but only for 14 days as a trial period in which you can check the features of YouTube Red and decide for yourself if you are really interested in making a payment.

Another important reason why you should be upgrading yourself to YouTube red is the ability to change its functionality from a video app to an audio only app.

For any user who is using a smartphone, it is not always possible to see videos one after the other. You might want to listen only to audio, undisturbed by any visual inputs. For this, YouTube Red can give you the chance to switch it over to an Audio only app, just by toggling a button.

It works perfectly even when your screen has been turned off. Again, this feature is not available on the free version of YouTube music.

The videos in the premium version can be minimized to a smaller strip just at the bottom of the screen. With this you can continue working at your mails without really having the videos disturb you.

Premium YouTube music users with be able to get 20 songs downloaded free of cost using the offline mixtape feature. These 20 songs will be chosen by the app as per your tastes.