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ZTE Axon 7 Problems And Solutions


ZTE may not be a very popular brand, but its Axon 7 smartphone is a masterpiece, envied even by rivals. It has a 5.5-inch QHD screen, a Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset with a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, a primary camera of 20MP and a secondary camera of 8MP, and it’s powered by a 3250 mAh battery. Plus, it runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and it’s very affordable, being sold for $400 on Amazon. Sounds almost perfect, but it’s not, because this phablet has a few issues. Thankfully, there are solutions for them.

When The Auto-rotate Doesn’t Work

If applications get stuck in the portrait orientation, these are potential solutions:

– reboot your device to temporary fix the issue. You should set up a Scheduled Power On and Off for a short period and see if you will get rid of the problem.

– some apps are causing the auto-rotate to not work, so find out who’s the culprit by booting the device in Safe Mode, and uninstall it.

– if the problem is related to the accelerometer and G-sensor, you should download GPS & Status Toolbox and fix the sensors.

– If none of the methods we’ve told you above works, you should install a third-party app, such as Rotation Control, as it will allow you to manually switch to landscape mode.

Charging Problems

The Axon 7 supports fast charging capabilities, but some users have complained that the battery was charged only 15-20% after one hour, instead of being fully charged. Users who haven’t rooted their devices can install an app called Advanced Battery Calibrator, to re-calibrate the battery. If the problem is with the charger included in the box, you should use a third-party Quick Charge 3.0 charger.

Fingerprint Scanner Issues

If the scanner doesn’t work fast or it doesn’t recognize fingerprints, the only solution is to head to the Scanner settings and delete the current fingerprint, then reboot the phone and set it up again.

Connectivity issues

If you’re dealing with WiFi issues, turn the phone and the router off, restart them and try to connect to the wireless network again. Also, you should make sure that the Power saving option is turned off by going to Settings, or forget the WiFi connection and re-enter the details.

Bluetooth issues can be solved by heading to Settings and deleting all prior pairings, then trying again to set them up.


  1. Do you own axon 7 or just talking off your back. After using this for about 2 months i think it has a unique software, no glitch in the software, it reminds me of htc software, its better than shitty LG.

  2. I owned a A7 for about 2 weeks and the software does suck. Unique? Sure. But being unique just for the sake of being unique is pointless. MiFavor changes many aspects of the Android UI that don’t need to be changed, which in turn makes the phone more complicated to use.

    Thank goodness I returned it and stuck with my OP3. There isn’t a single UI available from any manufacturer that can match OnePlus’ Oxygen OS.

    Silly software and crappy, poorly spaced capacitive buttons really marred a phone that had so much potential.

  3. Yes I do own Axon7 and my opinion based on real experience, and others experience as well. If you don’t believe me go to zte official community website and check by yourself https://community.zteusa.com/c… many Axon 7 owners complains about plenty of software bugs and glitchs.

  4. Well i guess, i am lucky, i have no issue with the phone. Camera is not as good as my galaxy s6. Other than that i am loving this phone. Finger scanner works perfect, nice front speaker, amoled screen is sharp, and good battery life. And phone doesnt heat up, which was my big issue with note 4 and than s6.

  5. If you noticed all what you mentioned is a hardware components that is really good but it was ruined by a laggy and glitchy software. Some users complained about weak signal reception(wifi,data,bluetooth), phone calls problems(the other side don’t hear any thing), camera issues in low light, etc..
    Don’t get me wrong I really like the design and the hardware but zte ruined the phone with poor production and execution.

  6. To go into safe mode you press the power button and hold it, and press and hold the shut down button on screen? The directions and clear but still kind of confusing. How do you do it?

  7. I’ve never had any of these problems but the phone’s excellent hardware is let down by the software – especially for users not on the A2017U variant for whom the updates are coming very slowly, I’m just hoping the talks that ZTE are having with CyanogenMod bear fruit.

  8. I have not had a single issue except maybe the finger print sensor not reading but it was because my finger was greasy and dirty. I wish they would allow you to register the same digit more than once.

    are all these reports coming from users on the international or US version? because I got mine the first day my work had them shipped (best buy), and have not experienced any of these issues.

  9. I heard the axon 7 have a lot of conectivity issues and poor signal, i wanted to know if thats true and if you could solve it.

  10. Since the latest Build 27 update, my signals and speeds are strong. Tested wi-fi and got 97 MB/s down and 8-9 up.

  11. I tried booting the phone into safe mode today and the method OP wrote doesn’t work.

  12. Luckily, the only one of the issues I have experienced was the auto rotate issue, which has been resolved with the latest ota.

  13. Can anyone on AA comment on the reports I’ve heard of poor signal strength issues with the Axon 7, particularly with T-mobile?
    Their was a patch that went out yesterday that was supposed to improve signal strength, have you applied it? and if not can you ? and tell me your thoughts.

    I will soon either be buying the Pixel XL, LG V20 or Axon 7 depending on a number of factors
    If the Pixel XL has OIS, I’ll be buying instantly.
    Otherwise I have to see a LG V20 in person to see if I like the display, I prefer amoled, but I like everything else about the V20
    Axon 7 the reports of poor signal strength have me a bit concerned partially as I’m a T-mobile user and while I love their service you really notice it when you have a phone with poor or mediocre radios as T-mobile as a lot of fringe areas, particularly indoors.

  14. If this answers your question i I did had some problems with signal indoors which i can make and receive calls very well but using internet can get a little laggy. My dbm reading was between -120 to -115 however with this new update i get a dbm reading of -114 to -110 hope that helps

  15. I have the Axon 7. I have it on AT&T though but haven’t had any signal problems. I didn’t notice any signal improvement with the update but I wasn’t having problems in the first place so I wasn’t looking for it. The Axon 7 subreddit though is full of people saying the reception did improve and that the fingerprint sensor is noticeably quicker. Only problems I’ve had are with finding a great screen protector. Same problem with any curved edge phone I guess. It was impossible to find one that worked with my LG G2. I do kinda wish it had on screen nav keys but that’s pretty minor.

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