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Firefox Lite 2.0.1(16782) Update – Overall Software Performances are Being Improved


Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the world’s most popular browsers and it is renowned for offering a premium user web surfing experience. However, the browser does take up quite a big chunk of memory space and this means that it doesn’t run at peak-performance levels on lower-end and budget smartphones. Fortunately, here is where the Lite version of Firefox comes in and saves the day.

Just as its name implies, Firefox Lite is a lightweight version of the renowned browser and it has been designed especially for smartphones that do not benefit from the most powerful hardware specs. Despite being a lightweight app, Firefox Lite is still updated on a daily basis with improvements and in fact, a new update has been released earlier this morning.

Firefox Lite 2.0.1(16782) Update

The latest update for Firefox Lite is changing the mobile browser’s version number to 2.0.1(16782) and it is being rolled out via Mozilla’s official over the air channels right now. The update weighs in at 4.89 MB and it is targeted for smartphones that are running on Google’s Android 9.0 Pie. Fortunately, the update requires a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and this means that it can be installed on older smartphones as well.

The developers of Firefox Lite wanted to make sure that the software performances of Firefox Lite are of premium quality and this is why the new update introduces a handful of bug fixes and software tweaks. Therefore, we are advising all Firefox Lite fans to download the new update as soon as possible.

Top Features

A Lightweight Web Browser
This incredibly mini size browser is less than 5MB, taking up almost no space on your phone.

Lightning Fast Browsing Speed
With Turbo Mode, Firefox Lite promises you a lighting fast browsing experience!

Screenshot the Whole Page
You can capture the whole page to read offline with a single tap on the toolbar. And a website link is automatically saved too, so you can quickly browse back there whenever you want.

Night Mode
Protect your eyes with night mode to read more comfortably at night. This also saves some battery life.

Save Data – and Cash
Save on data costs with Turbo mode, which blocks tracking ads. Wanna save even more? Enable image blocking while you browse.

Save Phone Space
Clear your cache straight from the menu to free up storage space fast. Or with a quick flip in settings, you can save your cache and downloads straight to an SD Card.

Goodbye, Stubborn Ads
Say goodbye to those ads that keep chasing you from site to site. Which means saving more screen space for the stuff you care about. Note that this is not 100% Adblocking.

Protect Yourself from Trackers Even in Normal Mode
Worrying about your browsing behavior being tracked by advertisers or websites? Firefox Lite’s always-on tracking protection blocks a wide range of common web trackers by default. This feature provides better protection compared to common browsers and brings your privacy to the next level. Feeling curious? You can also check how many trackers are blocked in private mode.

Private Browsing
Browse without a trace. No history, no passwords, no cookies recorded when browsing in private browsing mode.

Multiple Tab Browsing
Some of you appreciated that Firefox Lite only allowed a single screen, others wanted to multitask with multiple tabs. Now you can have it either way. Open all the tabs you want, or keep it simple.

Parallel Download
You can download multiple files at once in the background. Save time when you have many files to download.

It’s All Right Here
With the search bar at center stage, and the menu at the bottom of the screen, everything you want to do in a browser is right at your fingertips even with one hand.

All you need in one place
Facebook, Youtube, Emails, read news, shopping, or search with your favorite search engine. Everything you need on the internet, you can access with Firefox Lite, and pin websites to homescreen for easier access.