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70% of casinos said they are planning to adopt skill-based games


The survey reports on skill-based games on gambling reveal that 70% of the casinos are about to introduce skill-based games. As the name indicates these games have skill components in them. Rapid expansion of player demographics is the aim of each and every casino and they are finding ways to attract new players from the younger generation. Since video gaming is a favorite activity of majority of the youngsters, they will wholeheartedly welcome the skill-based games.

Once a casino adds skill or arcade components in the games, they are able to provide the gamers an entirely different video gaming experience and as a result the casino will be able to attract more gamers and will start making more gains. However, those who plan to introduce skill-based games on their casinos must be familiar with skill-based games before they offer it for video gaming and one must also learn about the legal obligations for adopting the skill-based games. Also, player understanding and player appeal are also important for successful adoption of skill-based games and most of the casinos that are planning to start with skill-based games are of the opinion that faster improvement is required in the areas of player understanding and player appeal. Gamers as well as casinos should come forward to adjust to the new gambling experience.

Gambling scenario is changing

The slot machines are the major sources of income for the casinos. However, this will change shortly. The majority of gamblers started to feel the “pushing button to win the prize” system rather boring and they expect the casino to bring radical changes in video gaming. Consequently, the casinos are serious about bringing changes so as to not only attract new gamers but also encourage the existing gamers to continue their gambling activity. Hitherto the players enjoyed immersion gaming through the casinos. Since the younger generation is more tech-savvy, they look forward to technological advancements in all walks of life. Video game is not an exception to this. Hence for the casinos, adapting to technologically advanced games will be the way to survival as well as success. The skill-based games are sure to make the casinos more appealing to the younger gamers and the casinos can very well expect new, additional revenue from the skill-based games. The players from younger generation will not be satisfied with ‘push a button’ since they want to apply their technical skill and achieve.

Beginning of a new era of gambling

Today, more than 60% of the casinos are taking steps to make their casinos capable of attracting the new generation of players. Only by way of offering diverse video games the casinos can be made more appealing. Also, offering new types of games is the effective method to generate new income. Expansion of player demographics and attracting young generation players are the new challenges faced by the casinos today. Since gamers of the younger generation are for video games and not for the slot machines, the casinos which offer only slot machines are likely to fail in attracting the younger gamers. The skill-based games not only increase the playing but also widen up the player demographic. The casinos that expect more foot traffic and want to be more competitive are now looking for new ways to run the casinos successfully and to keep the gamers engaged. The casinos that were running the show with slot machines for gambling have gone through ups and downs. When the new generations of gamblers who look for an immersive as well as more entertaining gambling experience ignore the old type of games completely, the old type of casinos start facing a very precarious situation. A lot of people who are employed in the gambling business become jobless as a result of this development.

Skill-based games: pros and cons

In today’s highly competitive video gaming market, only those casinos which are able to provide new gaming experiences to the players can survive and grow. Offering skill-based games is the best solution for them to beat the competition. However, it is to be mentioned here that the fact that the skill-based gaming is the latest addition is an advantage as well as disadvantage. It attracts more young generation players and also helps to create new revenue. But, since it is very new, the casino owners hesitate to sacrifice their valuable floor space for the skill-based games without studying the metrics. Hence the way ahead for the skill-based games is also challenging and the actual experience of those who have already adopted skill-based games will give clear idea about the future of skill-based games. When something new is offered it may be able to attract more people but, its newness will be a disadvantage also in some ways. The emergence of a lot of new casinos, the growing popularity of online video gaming and the impressive growth of tribal casinos have made the video gaming field more competitive. Traditionally, the games which are skill-based are excluded from the list of gambling activities. But, when the video gaming industry is planning to adopt new gaming models the skill-based games are to be legalized and correctly regulated.

New regulations to authorize new game models

Nevada approved the changes made in the gaming laws of the state and authorized skill-based games. The initiative taken by Nevada was appreciated by American Gaming Association and noted that skill-based game will enable the industry to attract younger players. Following Nevada, New Jersey also changed its gaming laws and allowed skill-based games in casinos. Since Nevada and New Jersey are the two leading states in the US in developing gaming policy, the authorization of skill-based gaming by these two states has facilitated innovation in the casino industry. The new regulations are advantageous to game developers and operators to make use of their potential to develop entirely new games. The young and very dynamic players who do not prefer traditional gambling games are sure to find the new skill-based games more suitable to them.

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