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WhatsApp Business APK Update Adds More Features

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WhatsApp users (could that be… all of us??) should once again feel privileged and happy, as Meta will soon start to roll out a new update. In other words, WhatsApp Business is the new APK that will begin rolling out in a few weeks, granting some interesting new features for the users.

The new WhatsApp update changes the navigation of the app itself. This should be good news, considering that Meta is constantly looking for ways to improve the famous instant messaging app.

WhatsApp Business What’s new

The new WhatsApp Business update in the form of APK brings two major changes:

  • When you use the screen-sharing feature during a video call, you will also have the possibility of sharing audio.
  • The navigation has been changed with tabs at the bottom. This means that you can access the tabs at the screen’s bottom to access Updates, Chats, Calls, and Communities.

Those who are willing to see the new features on their smartphones will have to wait only a few weeks, as the update will soon start rolling out. You can grab the update in the form of an APK file, and the only requirement is that your phone supports a minimum of Android 5. Considering that we’re talking about a version of Google’s mobile operating system that’s 10 years old, surely anyone will be eligible for the update.

The APK file for the WhatsApp Business update occupies only 59MB, which is practically nothing considering how generous storage memories are nowadays. You won’t have to delete anything from your phone in order to make room for the new WhatsApp Business update, that’s for sure!


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