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According To Reports, The Exynos 2400 Has Been Approved For Mass Manufacture

Credit: Samsung

According to a rumor from the South Korean technology forum Meeco, the Exynos 2400 has been greenlit for mass manufacturing, and samples will be available for delivery in June of 2023. TM Roh has its eye on what will be Samsung’s biggest chip to date.

The sole use of Qualcomm silicon to power Samsung’s flagship smartphones has been verified, but rumors of a next-gen Exynos flagship processor have persisted, especially on tech forums like Meeco. There was talk that the Exynos 2400 chipset might power the Galaxy S24 models sold in South Korea. As was indicated before, a recent forum post claims mass manufacturing of the SoC has been approved.

TM Roh, a Samsung executive, is said to be keeping a careful watch on the Exynos 2400, which is scheduled to arrive at Samsung Electronics between April and June. The SoC and 12 GB of RAM will apparently power the Galaxy S24’s entry-level model. However, its central processing unit (CPU) specifications remain unknown, with some leakers claiming it will have a 10-core, quad-cluster architecture, and others insisting it would adhere to a tri-cluster, 8-core structure. There has been no word on whether it would continue using an RDNA GPU or upgrade to the newest RDNA 3 design.

Furthermore, Samsung intends to significantly enlarge the Exynos 2400’s chip area, likely to fit its ten CPU cores, GPU, and other components. It is said to be approximately 130 mm2, which is roughly as large as the Apple M1 and 30% higher than the Exynos 2200. The chip’s main Cortex-X4 core must be underclocked in early samples due to design constraints, however this will likely be resolved in the final product. A clear manufacturing method for the Exynos 2400 has yet to be revealed. So far, speculation points to Samsung’s 4LPP+ manufacturing method.