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Almost 70,000 Items Were Destroyed In One Go By A Genshin Impact Player

Credit: miHoYo

After months of searching for crucial components, one Genshin Impact fan finally managed to purge their stockpile of roughly 70,000 pieces. By taking part in the newest events and completing domain challenges, players of Genshin Impact have the chance to amass vast quantities of resources.

HoYoverse has been consistently expanding the free open-world action RPG Genshin Impact with new narrative missions, large locations, events, playable characters, and adversaries since its premiere in September 2020. Whenever a new playable character is added to Genshin Impact, a new boss fight is also introduced. Defeating these bosses is necessary in order to gain a new set of ascension materials. Players may use these items to raise their characters to the maximum level of 90 in Genshin Impact. Combating monsters and completing domains around Teyvat nets players weapon ascension materials, which are essential for boosting the strength of their character’s primary weapon.

My Personal Endgame
byu/Pkfire100 inGenshin_Impact

While playing Genshin Impact for an extended period of time, Reddit user u/Pkfire100 opted to purge their inventory of roughly 70,000 goods, including character and weapon ascension ingredients. In particular, the character amassed 9,999 of each Recruit’s Insignia, Damaged Mask, Divining Scroll, Firm Arrowhead, Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Old Handguard, and Faded Red Satin. After completing the majority of the game’s current tasks, u/Pkfire100 claims that he reached his “personal endgame” and deleted these things.

In Genshin Impact, regular foes like Hilichurls and Treasure Hoarders are often fought and defeated in order to get character and weapon components. Due to the frequency with which materials drop in Genshin Impact, players who devote time into the game may amass a sizable fortune with which to outfit their characters and arsenals. The materials u/Pkfire100 was deleting were of low rarity, but they could be transformed into items of greater rarity via alchemy. Furthermore, after killing bosses and powerful foes in the field, rarer minerals may sometimes drop.

Since u/Pkfire100 probably already had a large stockpile of higher rarity resources for leveling to cap in Genshin Impact, they probably didn’t need them. Although it could have been prudent to employ alchemy crafting to transform these minerals into their rarest form. Rare resources are often helpful when leveling up numerous characters at once, as Alhaitham and Yaoyao in Genshin Impact version 3.4.

Character and weapon materials are rather simple to come by in Genshin Impact, provided you play the game normally and consistently. Players that go into the new Desert of Hadramaveth area of Genshin Impact may find that doing so pays off in various ways.