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Apex Legends: How to Get a Free Skin and Apex Packs


Apex Legends is taking over the gaming industry and there is no doubt about that. Respawn Entertainment (maker of Apex Legends) reported that more than 25 million players have created accounts in less than one week. The game has received its first update since launch yesterday and it introduced a new weapon called Havoc.

However, the reason why we are talking about Apex Legends today is not to present the patch notes and instead, we are going to show all Apex Legends players how they can get a free skin and Apex Packs.

Free Skin and Apex Packs

Respawn Entertainment announced earlier today that Apex Legends players can get a new skin and Apex Packs for free by using their Twitch Prime. This is a limited time deal and all Apex Legends fans are advised to hurry up if they want to get the free skin. We should note that while the skin might be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, players can benefit from the Twitch Prime deal on only one account.

How to use Twitch Prime

If this is the first time that you are hearing about Twitch Prime, then you don’t worry because we are going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to claim your free Apex Legends skin. The first step is to link your Twitch account with your EA account and then simply click on the Prime Loot icon which can be found on Twitch’s official website.

Also, worth mentioning that Twitch Prime is one of the perks that Amazon Prime subscribers get and that the free Apex Legends skins is not the only freebie this month.

Twitch Prime subscribers will also get to access the following games for free: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, The Flame in the Flood, Pikuniku and Draknek & Co Puzzle Collection.