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Apex Legends Pro Players are Mad at the New Competitive Tournament Guidelines


Electronic Arts or EA for short has announced the official Community Tournament Guidelines for Apex Legends tournaments and events organized by third-party companies and some of these restrictions are making pro players mad. Apex Legends is currently the world’s second most popular online game, boasting with 50 million players in only one month.

Therefore, many third-party companies are interested in creating events and tournaments for the game, especially since EA has yet to announce an official eSports league for Apex Legends. However, the new restrictions are going to discourage some of these companies.

Apex Legends Tournament Restrictions

EA announced that all organizers will need to offer at least $10,000 in prize pools per year. Right from the start, small Apex Legends tournaments are being canceled and EA is making room only for the big ones.

The second restriction is that even though all tournaments can be broadcasted, they are not allowed to appear on any television channels. In addition, the total income that the tournament broadcast can make is restricted at $10,000.

Pro Players are Outraged

As you would expect, Apex Legends pro players are getting quite mad at the new restrictions that EA has announced. The reason behind this is that the restrictions are making it impossible for them to compete in multiple tournaments that will no longer take place due to the prize pool problem.

Chris “BixLe” Dunbar is a player for UYU and he made the following tweet about this issue “with some of these restrictions, I feel like they should at least throw the community organizers a bone and let them use custom matches, limiting prize pools and revenue is a big yikes man”.

Alex “AlexJJ” Campbell who plays for Rogue’s Fortnite team also had something to say about the new restrictions: “how to kill your game 101 jeez”.