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Apple Gets Help From Samsung Executive to Create its Own Batteries


Is there a bigger competition in the world than the one between Apple and Samsung? These two companies are always at each other’s throats because they sell products to the same customers. Having to pick between the iOS and Android operating systems used to be the biggest difference between Apple and Samsung in the past. However, things have changed and the two companies offer different products that excel in different departments. Take for example of Apple’s latest iPhone XS Max which offers the most powerful CPU available to smartphones.

Nonetheless, Samsung excels in different departments and battery is one of them. Well, the battery efficiency of Samsung smartphones is the reason why we are talking about Apple today. Apple wants to breach the gap between iPhones and Samsung devices by developing new battery enhancements and technology that can make the battery life of iPhones last longer. In fact, Apple is so determined to develop this technology that it has hired Samsung’s own battery expert.

Apple Hires Samsung’s Battery Executive

Soonho Ahn is an executive for Samsung SDI which is the company that creates batteries for Samsung products and he has signed a contract with Apple. Soonho Ahn’s Linkedin profile shows that the executive has been working with Apple since December in order to help the Cupertino based tech giant improve the life expectancy of its batteries.

Apple Doesn’t Want to Outsource Anymore

We should note that this wouldn’t be the first time that Apple works with Samsung SDI. Apple has purchased batteries from this company in the past, but now, Apple is determined to stop outsourcing hardware parts for iPhones and this is where Soonho Ahn comes in.

In addition, Apple has expressed interest in buying cobalt which is one of the most important components of battery packs. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that Apple is going to create its own batteries in the upcoming future.