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Apple Launches US Privacy Portal – Find Out Everything That Apple Knows About You


Have you ever wondered what kind of data Apple has collected about you over the years? The one thing that you can be sure about is that it’s a lot of private data that you don’t want any third-party company to have. Fortunately, Apple puts a high price on user privacy and it has recently announced that all Apple fans will be able to access a privacy portal that shows them all the data that Apple has on them.

Apple Collecting Private Data

There are multiple reasons why Apple collects data on users and you will be surprised to find out just how much Apple knows about you. Luckily, you can now request Apple to send you and even connect errors that might appear in the file or delete the entire Apple account.

US Privacy Portal

Back in May Apple launched a privacy portal in Europe so that the company can follow the new “General Data Protection Rules”. The rules require all tech companies to feature a data portability tool which is meant to protect the user’s information.

Another important fact that we need to go over is that the private user files also contain information about photos, iCloud data, documents, calendar appointments and much more.

Nonetheless, Apple has now decided to also launch a US privacy portal so that US residents can also access the data that Apple has collected over the years. Not just that, but the privacy portal is also available for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Private User Files

We should mention that Apple fans who request the company to send a file with all the data Apple has about them will need to wait a couple of days before that happens. Apple needs to prepare the files and this will take a little while.