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Automated Standing Desks at Home


The technology of the standing desk represents smart solutions in terms of the office work oriented for the better quality of life and more productive daily performance for those people whose type of work demands them to stay in sitting position during long hours of the working week. 

Automated standing desk works according to the principle of lift desk. The mechanical construction of such working space allows adjusting the height of the tabletop by the same allowing to use such a table by people with totally different physical parameters and foremost their heights. The problem that the office table customers have no place to place their legs won’t arise with the adjustable design of standing desk technology. 

Within house conditions, the standing desk designed according to the standards of Progressive Automations allows placing your working table almost anywhere a customer wants. The ergonomics of these standing desk is thought-over to the smallest details in order to impress the real comfort connoisseurs. The table height adjustment makes lifting &  lowering of the tabletop to be quick and easy thanks to electric relay, microcontroller, and the remote control system that are really easy to install and use along with the automated standing desk. Such synergy of linear motion technologies like the electric linear actuators and the electronic automation systems are purposed to organize the workflow even under the home conditions.

This technology is relevant to use it as a means of universal adjustability suitable to be implemented anywhere. Before this technology was invented it was merely impossible to create a table that can potentially be used in various home conditions and become the solution to such problems like the lack of free space and the problem of human height that places tall people in the inconvenience of using too small for their physical parameters tables. 

In addition to the technical parameters of a new generation of office equipment, customers using a standing desk for household purposes can choose their own stylish design, a wide range of colors for the tabletop and connections manufactured of extremely light and hard materials. 

The automatically regulated standing desk will their users not to be distracted on manually lifting and lowering the tabletop each time rises the need to do this. Customers can keep their body in good shape, without making any extra efforts with their standing desk. This technology allows to organize your duties more effectively and not even using your office chair. However, this option is also available. 

Using the special remote control systems with the function of memorizing the positions, customers will obtain the chance to use a few of their favorite height positions and shift between them with the single button press. Some of such types of remote control systems have two pre-programmed buttons for position memorizing. But there are also those that have three and even four such buttons.

The weight of the table frame and the size of the standing desk itself can vary depending on the parameters selected, however with the online standing desk constructor of Progressive Automations customers can assemble their own virtual standing desk and further order one for themselves. Taking into account all the options that the online constructor offers each customer can create over 50 different combinations of standing desk that might be suitable for their particular case. The variables that are available to choose when creating your own standing desk of your dream are the following: tabletop – its dimensions and color; table frame – also the choice of color and shape, the type of remote control system attached to the tabletop, and the choice of outlets for connecting electric devices.

Using services and products of Progressive Automations customers will find the standing desk automated office table that will conveniently suite to any home interior and office created within customers’ house.