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COD Warzone Mobile is Coming Soon to Europe and South America

Source: callofduty.com

The next level of Call of Duty games is upon us with the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, giving players the ultimate Battle Royale experience on their mobile devices.

Get ready to engage in authentic combat with weapons, movement, and vehicles just like in the popular Call of Duty: Warzone game. Take on epic maps like the iconic Verdansk and enjoy exciting gameplay that allows for up to 120 players in a match. With the use of unified Call of Duty technology, players can now stay connected with their friends across different platforms and utilize social features such as chat channels and the Battle Pass to create a truly immersive multiplayer FPS game experience.

COD Warzone Mobile is coming soon

NewGamingCodes has spotted that Activision’s Chris Plummer, Co-Studio Head of Mobile, addressed concerns about the limited release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile in a recent official Youtube video. Plummer stated that Warzone Mobile would initially release in Europe and South America, with plans to expand gradually to gain feedback from diverse perspectives.

The team aims to keep the player base manageable while expanding the game’s variety. The game will not be released soon in larger countries like China and India, as they plan to polish the game through limited-release strategies.

Chris urged fans to wait for the official announcement about the worldwide release date and to be cautious of rumors. Activision is striving to meet the expectations of the Warzone Mobile community and has received appreciation for its communication.

Call of Duty games have been popular across various platforms, including smartphones. The mobile versions of the related games have received positive reviews from many players, with many praising the graphics, gameplay, and overall quality.

Are you also eager to play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile? Remember that good things come to those who wait!