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Meta Launches Paid Verification Service for Facebook and Instagram Users in the US

Credit: Muhammad Asyfaul on Unsplash

In the United States, the paid verification service known as Meta Verified has been introduced by the company formerly known as Facebook. The service was first made available to users in Australia and New Zealand before being rolled out across the United States. If you join up for Meta Verified on the website, the monthly fee is $11.99; if you sign up through a mobile app store, the fee is $14.99. The first choice grants customers the ability to obtain a blue checkmark solely for Facebook, whilst the second choice also verifies the user’s account on Instagram. Also, the service provides “proactive impersonation security,” unique stickers, direct access to customer care, and 100 Facebook stars each month to display support for other content providers.

The procedure for verification requires that a photo identification be presented together with the activation of two-factor authentication. After utilizing Meta Verified, users who wish to make changes to their profile, such as changing their name, photo, username, or date of birth, will be required to go through the verification procedure once more. Users must be at least 18 years old to use the service and have access to it.

Users located in the United States can gain access to the service by going to the settings menu on either Instagram or Facebook and selecting the Accounts Center option. They will see the message “Meta Verified accessible” beneath their name and profile photo if they are eligible to receive the verification service for their account. The next step for them is to tap on it, add a payment method, go through the verification procedure, and then get validated.

Users who already have their accounts verified on Instagram and Facebook will not be required to pay for the Meta Verified service until the company stops offering the ‘legacy’ verification badges. This tool might assist companies, content producers, and influencers get certified on Facebook and Instagram, which would increase both their online visibility and their reputation.