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Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Check Out the Reveal Trailer for Majin Buu and The Farmer

Source: Steam

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, the odds are pretty high that you know about the farmer with the shotgun. We’re talking about the character that had the courage to confront Raditz when the Saiyan first came to Earth. Raditz was the evil brother of Goku.

In the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z, Raditz landed on Earth for the first time after traveling through space in his spaceship. He met the farmer with the shotgun and was amazed at his very small power level: only 5. Despite the huge difference in strength and Raditz’s terrifying appearance, the farmer still had the courage to attack. But unfortunately, he lost.

‘Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ is out on October 14

The new Dragon Ball: The Breakers game is coming out in October, and its concept is pretty simple. You get to be in the shoes of a human who has to do his best to escape the Raider, who can be Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu. Those three are the classic main villains in Dragon Ball Z, and they gave the Z warriors a lot of headaches.

A new reveal trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers showcases both Majin Buu and the farmer, and you are free to watch it below:

As for Majin Buu, he was a lot stronger than both Frieza and Cell in Dragon Ball Z, so he’ll perhaps be the main boss in the upcoming game.

You already have the chance to pre-purchase Dragon Ball: The Breakers from Steam for 19.99 euros for the standard edition. If you want to grab the Special Edition, you need to pay 10 euros more.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.