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Dropbox 169.1.4 Beta Update – Faster File Sharing and Cloud Upload Speeds


There are many apps that are useful to have installed on your smartphone, but then there are also “must-have” apps. Dropbox is one of them and the reason behind this is that this app makes it possible for users to access cloud content and share all types of files with their friends or work colleagues in an instant.

The developers who are in charge of Dropbox know that their app is being used for important tasks and this is why they are making sure that everything is running at peak performance levels by constantly releasing software updates. Therefore, today we are going to cover the latest one.

Dropbox 169.1.4 Beta Update

If you enjoy using the useful features that Dropbox has to offer, then you might want to consider joining the beta program of the app. Even though most people tend to stay away from the beta programs of apps because they don’t want to deal with bugs or other issues, this is not a problem for Dropbox which is being updated with bug fixes and software tweaks on a daily basis.

As previously noted, Dropbox has recently received a new update and it sports the 169.1.4 beta version number. As the version number is showing us, the only ones who can download the new update for Dropbox right now are the users who have already enrolled in the beta program. Fortunately, the developers of Dropbox are allowing everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone to join the beta program.

Faster Performances

Dropbox does lots of great things but what it excels the most at is the speed at which it can share files. This is exactly what is being improved thanks to the software tweaks that the new 169.1.4 beta update is introducing. Now, let’s see which are some of the top features that the app has to offer.

Top Features

  • Dropbox Spaces brings context to your work with an overview of folder descriptions, to-dos, and important pinned files.
    • Work with your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, and Dropbox Paper docs.
    • Offline access to get to your most important files, even without connectivity.
    • A document scanner to turn receipts, documents, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs.