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“Far Cry New Dawn” Retail Sales are Flopping


Far Cry New Dawn arrived three days ago and the game is not selling too well. Reports are showing that the game’s first week sales are down by 86.5% percent in comparison with Far Cry 5 which launched last year. The problem here is not entirely the game itself, but the fact that Ubisoft basically churns out a new Far Cry game every year and there is nothing new for the players to experience or to get them excited about Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn is Not Selling

Right from the start, we need to mention that we are talking about how bad the physical copies of Far Cry New Dawna are selling. We don’t know the exact numbers on how well Far Cry New Dawn is doing in online game stores such as Steam, but since the physical copies are barely moving, we don’t think that Far Cry New Dawn is a hit in online game stores.

Friday Release Date

Game analysts believe that one of the problems that caused to Far Cry New Dawn underperform so much is because the game was launched on a Friday instead of a Tuesday. This didn’t give the game enough time to sell units.

Still Topping Charts

Even though it might seem like Far Cry New Dawn is a flop and Ubisoft needs to announce some discounts if it wants the game to sell, this is not the case. Far Cry New Dawn is still topping the charts being ahead of Metro Exodus.

On the other hand, Metro Exodus has had its fair share of controversy as well with the developers making the game exclusive on the Epic Store after it had been available for pre-order on Steam for a couple of months.

Nonetheless, what is your opinion on Far Cry New Dawn? Do you think the game is getting a bad rep and that it should do better on the market?