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Fortnite is Getting NFL Themed Fortnite Skins


As we all know already, everyone plays Fortnite and this includes top paid athletes from leagues such as the NFL, NBA and even the Champion’s League. Athletes have recreated the dances from Fortnite every time they scored or at any chance they got to celebrate and it was only a matter of time until Epic Games decided to introduce Sports themed skins in the game.

With that being said, Fortnite fans should be pleased to know that Epic Games has announced that it will be partnering with the NFL so that it can launch a bunch of football themed skins and jerseys.

Football Themed Fortnite Skins

The new skins (featured in the picture above) will be made available for purchase starting November 9th. On the downside of things, we don’t know how much the skins will be priced, but what we do know is that Fortnite players will get to pick skins from all the 32 NFL teams. This means that all Fortnite players will be able to represent their favorite NFL team inside the game.

To make things even cooler, players will get the option to customize their jerseys. Epic Games was proud to announce that players will be able to select a number between 0 to 99 that will show up on their jerseys.

Heavy Assault Rifle is Coming Soon

Fortnite fans should also be happy to know that the NFL jerseys are not going to be the only things that they will be able to get this week. Epic Games hinted on its official Update News Feed that the highly anticipated Heavy Assault Rife is going to arrive sooner than expected.

Therefore, we believe that Epic Games is planning to introduce the new weapon alongside the upcoming weekly update. Nonetheless, we will see if this proves to be true during the upcoming days.