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Four Major Developments from World of Ether


World of Ether has been in development for a long time. Finally they are releasing their full collectible video game on the Ethereum blockchain. With this there are four big developments we’ve seen in the past few days.

  1. World of Ether releases November 23rd

Four days away from the time this is being written.

World of Ether open on November 23rd. Players will be able to hatch their eggs into Etherian monsters, breed, sire, sell, make money, battle, level up, everything. The game is finally coming out on November 23rd.

  1. There’s a big battle contest and the grand prize is $7,500.

When the game opens on the Ethereum main net, battles will still be in beta mode. According to the developers, this means experience isn’t given from battles in this beta mode.

However, they’re doing a big contest for this “battle beta” and giving away money.

Everyone who wins 25 or more battles enters to have a chance to win $7,500 paid in the ETH cryptocurrency.

The first person to win 100 battles or have the most wins at the end of battle beta also gets 4 ETH.

Eggs are being given out at random to players who have won more than 20 battles. Eggs are currently .75 ETH, but ETH is way down in the biggest crypto bear market people have seen. Either way that’s still around $120 per egg. Fun fact, the price of ETH used to be so high that eggs cost over $600 each.

Either way, this is 3 bounties alone for this contest.

  1. The Etherian rewards are a lot bigger than in beta.

In beta the World of Ether devs gave away $10,000 to players discovering etherian monsters.

Now, $10,000 is placed on one etherian, $6,000 on another, and more big rewards are promised to come. There are also more rewards on a bunch of other etherians.

Everything so far adds up to over $20,000 and their medium post says, “As the game goes on and players reach new levels, we’ll be announcing rewards for the rest of the Etherians. As big as the current rewards are, you may soon see way bigger numbers.” There are three more types of Etherians to announce rewards on. Maybe the $200,000 rumor from months ago won’t be just a rumor? It’s unlikely, but we’ll see.

  1. There’s a WoE store.

There was already an egg store, but now there’s a merchandise and clothes store branded with World of Ether. The store is at https://store.worldofether.com/. This is well done and the polish is a good sign of a polished product on mainnet.

WoE devs, if you want to send me a matchstick shirt in white, medium, I would happily wear one!

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