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Fresh GTA 6 Details Are Out Thanks to Rockstar Employees

Credit: Unsplash.com

It might be in Rockstar’s best interest to prolong the suspense and suffering when it comes to not providing too much information about GTA 6. The company announced a while ago that it’s already working on another Grand Theft Auto title, without specifically mentioning that it’s referring to GTA 6.

But luckily for us and unfortunately for Rockstar, in this case, the internet is huge, and information travels light-speed fast (even literally).

GTA 6 will feature transitions to in-game from cinematics

According to autoevolution.com, the LinkedIn profiles of two employees from Rockstar bring the new precious info about the long-awaited game. If the info is correct, GTA 6 will be featuring smooth transitions to in-game from cinematics.

Ryan Schacter is working as a Senior Animator at Rockstar and said via LinkedIn that he has been working on the development of GTA 6 by refining and cleaning all the motion capture.

Otherwise, the mystery surrounding GTA 6 continues, as it’s anybody’s guess at this point how the game will look. One of the most controversial rumors is that the setting will be based in Vice City once again. Such a scenario is often seen as a win by the GTA fans, as it would be a tribute to the 2002 blockbuster GTA Vice City. That game meant the beginning of the gaming journey for a lot of high-end gamers nowadays.

Another interesting rumor is that all buildings in GTA 6 will be enterable. This would be a major improvement, considering that GTA 5 wasn’t too diligent in this area, despite its fabulous success. Surely Rockstar could have learned something from GTA San Andreas, as that was a game that had a lot of enterable buildings.

Regardless of how GTA 6 will be, what’s for sure is that the game will indeed come sooner or later!