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China Lockdowns Might Delay This Year’s iPhones

Credit: Pexels

It’s possible that Apple won’t be able to release all four iPhone versions this year in September. Nikkei Asia reports that one of this year’s iPhones might have a slight delay because of China’s tight, month-long lockdowns on COVID-19 distribution. To make up for the time lost due to lockdowns, Apple has reportedly already told suppliers to ramp up their development processes. In the worst scenario, the new iPhones’ first sales volumes and production schedules might be adversely affected by the postponement.

So what does this imply for buyers? Apple’s new iPhone 14 series might be released according to the schedule provided the suppliers get their act together and create enough units. If suppliers miss their schedule, the October launch event might be postponed by Apple. Already, Apple had cautioned that the shutdowns in China would have a negative effect on the manufacture of present iPhone models.

The manufacture of the iPhone 14 Max has been delayed, according to a report. It has been said that the delay in development is related to the engineering verification test, which is undertaken after the components and procedure necessary to create an iPhone are finalized, shortly before commencing production. End-of-June results from suppliers’ engineering verification tests seem challenging at the present, so Apple may launch all four iPhone models in September. According to reports, Apple’s iPhone 14 Max is three weeks behind schedule.

It seems that the delayed iteration of the iPhone 14 will be unveiled on a different occasion. There is a chance that Apple may hold its traditional September iPhone 14 announcement event in full. In any case, this is only conjecture and readers should bear in mind that Apple has not acknowledged a delay in iPhone manufacturing. When it comes to iPhone 14 Pro, Ian Zeibo and well-known tipster Jon Pisser have supplied the latest images of the device.