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Google Docs Receives New Update That Improves Document Editing

Credit: Google Docs

A new feature has been added to Google Docs. Multiple text fields may be selected at the same time using this new functionality. When making several text choices at once, users may now do operations like as copy, paste, or formatting on all portions at once.

As a result of these improvements, document formatting and editing will become more efficient, and overall productivity will rise. The functionality will be accessible by default, and users will not have to do anything to activate it. All Google Workspace clients, as well as existing G Suite Basic and Business users, will be able to take use of the new functionality.

That implies users may have to wait up to 15 days to obtain the function beginning on May 25, 2022, when Google announced the feature’s availability. Open a document in Google Docs to take use of the new functionality. After that, pick numerous text fields and apply the necessary formatting. Bolding many sections of text together, increasing their font size, or changing the typeface all at once are all options that may be used.

Holding down CMD or CTRL when selecting text in Microsoft Word already has a comparable capability, but it’s nice to see Google Docs now deliver something similar with less trouble.

Google introduced warning banners earlier this year for users of Google Drive. Google Drive users are alerted to the existence of a potentially hazardous file by the use of these warning banners. In January 2022, Google rolled out the new functionality. Since then, Google has expanded the functionality to include Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as part of the suite.

Google Docs forms part of the best productivity tools with aplomb, especially given that, unlike Microsoft 365, personal use of Google’s services is available for free.

As hybrid working has become increasingly popular worldwide, Microsoft and Google have been battling it out for the glory of having the most businesses use their tools.

While Microsoft has the deep relationships with companies, Google has been updating its Google Workspace suite regularly with important updates.