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Google Fit with Improved Features and New Themes is Now Available for iOS


Google Fit has seen many improvements during this past couple of months such as getting a new Material Theme that made the app look better and simpler to use. On the downside of things, all these improvements were only made available to Android fans. Fortunately, Google has now decided that iOS fans should receive the same treatment and the enhanced version of Google Fit is now available on the App Store.

Google Fit Now Available on iOS

One of the most important things that Google did when designing its fitness-oriented app is to team up with the American Heart Association and create a new program called “smart activity goals”. This program tracks how active people are being through “Movie Minutes” that can be earned by doing all kinds of activity such as walking, cycling, yoga and even household chores among others.

Heart Points

Another highlight feature that Google Fit brings to the table is called Heart Points. This feature is designed to capture and track moderate activity such as “a brisk walk that’s over 100 steps per minute” as Google explains it. Furthermore, more intense activities and workouts will reward users with more Heart Points that can be seen next to the profile image in the Home Tab.

Fitness Goals

Obviously, since this is a fitness-oriented app, Google Fit will also track information such as fitness count, calories burned and much more. However, the coolest thing about Google Fit’s fitness features is that it makes it possible for users to set goals.

There are all types of goals that users can set and to make things even better, Google Fit will help users achieve those goals by encouraging them to walk the “extra mile” in order to reach or even surpass their goals.