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Google Maps Update Adds Specific Information, Music Control and Bus Capacity


Google Maps is such a great app that most people consider it to be essential to their everyday lives. What makes this app so nice to have is the fact that it makes it easier for people to get navigation routes for all types of transport, including public transport which makes Google Maps a “must-have” for all commuters. Talking about people who commute to work or school, the Android parent has just rolled out a new update that makes traveling around the city so much easier!

Google Maps Update

If there’s something that we all can agree on about when it comes to Google, then it must be the fact that Google is always rolling out new updates for its apps. Google wants to make sure that its apps offer premium services and this is why it keeps enhancing them with new features which is exactly what is happening to Google Maps right now.

Improved Features for Commuters

Google has added a bunch of features to the Maps app and they all are targeted towards commuters. For example, the Maps app will now be able to let commuters control music from platforms such as Spotify and Deezer directly through the app’s UI (user interface) so that people don’t need to take their eyes away from the new commute tab.

Specific Travel Information

The new commute tab will also display specific information from now on. Therefore, if a user wants to know when the bus arrives, the tab will highlight this information on the screen for him so that he can arrive at the station in the nick of time.

Bus Capacity

Another cool feature that Google Maps is receiving via the new update is giving people information about the bus capacity. This feature is currently available only in Sydney, but Google promises it will roll out to more countries and cities in the upcoming weeks.